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A word from President, Lori Moroz


Can you believe its June already?  The kids will soon be sleeping late (ok, you can only hope), and you’re thinking about vacation. Maybe you want to find ways to put your business on auto-pilot, so you can take a summer break.  Well, we might have a way to jump-start those summer sales!

Go outside and take a long good look at your store window. Pretend you’re a customer walking down the street – what do your windows say about your business?

The human eye is naturally drawn to items placed in or on windows of businesses they pass. Although this might sound like common sense, many companies fail to use the power of their windows to promote their products and services.

Think of this: Window graphics and signs can help to create curiosity, as they can shield the inside of your business from being seen from the outside. If a customer is intrigued, but can’t see straight into your shop, most likely they’ll come inside to see what else you have to offer.

Give us a call and see how we might help you utilize that wasted window space …who knows it might be the answer to jumpstart those summer sales so you can take a break!

Because we’re more than ink on paper and because we want to help you be successful we’ve opened the new Sign Shop inside of Pine Press Printing!

Thank you for your business!

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