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As a small company, we have fewer cost-effective ways to get our message out, so we’ve had to get creative in the ways we advertise. If you’re in the same category, then let us share how we create brand ambassadors to help spread the word about Pine Press Printing through branded apparel.

Branded apparel is by far the most powerful way to turn our customers into brand ambassadors; they become walking, talking billboards instantly. Use a T-shirt, Polo-shirt, ball cap or jacket as a thank you for a large order. Use them as door prizes, hand them out at trade shows or sponsor a ball team.

According to a recent study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), branded apparel delivers six months or more brand exposure. Branded clothing, according to ASI, is the most popular promotional product. Think of clothing in comparison to other promotional products such as pens and calendars that are kept on desks and seen by few; clothing is more visible since everyone wears clothes. If you provide them with a well-fitting, tasteful shirt, hat or jacket, they will be happy to wear it while displaying your brand.

In today’s business world, the chances are good that your business has lots of competition. This means it’s more important than ever to look for ways to get your customers to act as your own personal brand ambassadors. Branded apparel items, whether they be shirts, outerwear or hats, are cited as the most enjoyable to have.

Here are some compelling stats from ASI:

» 58 percent of consumers across all age ranges own promotional shirts.
» 50 percent of consumers, primarily women, have promotional bags, which generate more impressions than any other promotional item.
» 50 percent of consumers own promotional outerwear and fleece – some of the most-kept items.
» 41 percent of consumers own promotional caps or headwear.

Providing branded clothing to some of your most loyal customers will add value to your brand and have a staying power like no other advertising you’ll do. If you’re ready to incorporate brand ambassadors to your marketing plan, let us help you find the perfect well tailored, professional looking branded apparel that you can share with your most influential clients.


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